31 October 2009


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26 October 2009

Pumpkin Patching

We went to the TGR Exotics pumpkin patch again for the third year in a row. This year they added hay rides and camel rides in addition to the pumpkins, crafts, and assortment of friendly critters. Trinh got to pet a baby kangaroo and play with some ponies and pot bellied pigs.
It was down right impossible to get photos of the kids together in the pumpkin patch. Though we did manage to capture a picture (albeit blurry) of them both protesting at having to have their picture taken!!
We went with her bestest friend Olivia. These two girls met at school and they play so sweetly together.
Trinhity painted a total of 5 pumpkins. All of them were COVERED in glitter!
Trinhity had her first camel ride. She was pretty nervous and was glad Daddy was there.
We also went to the nighttime pumpkin patch this year as well. A super special thanks to BaBa for taking care of Tai so that we could go to this event. She got to meet all of the animals again at the ranch. This year, they had a new albino baby joey! Below is Trinhity petting an anteater.
This is a striped hyena. Yes, they keep her in the backyard. Fortunately, she is a vegetarian!
This is one of many sloths who live at the ranch. Did you know sloths need to eat upside down in order to digest their food?
Dinner was catered by The Goode Company BBQ and afterwards, we roasted marshmallows and had s'mores. Mama got to come along this year and discovered the wonders of chocolate marshmallows. They made the experience such a kid-friendly one. The table was decked-out with fabulous Halloween decor and there were toys, candy, popcorn and just general good-fun for all.

22 October 2009

Pretty Browns

Motion Sickness

We discovered the difficult way that Trinh has motion sickness. Mama gets a bit queasy when confined in a car for too long. Trinh has always been this way too. She tends to fall asleep when we get into a car for a long trip (long is 30 minutes). She has been fine on her previous airplane trips. But this time, she complained about her tummy feeling funny on the descents.

So as we were making our descent into Houston, Trinh lost her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mama caught it all on a shirt, a hoodie, two pillows, and in three barf bags. It was terrible. It was extremely terrible. Between sobs, moans, and spews, Trinh was screaming that she hated airplanes and that she never wanted to go on a plane again!! Needless to say, we will not be getting on a plane for a while... quite a while.

Apple Orchard

Di Van & Uncle Trevor took us to an apple orchard. It was gorgeous and we had a fabulous time eating apples and trying to decide which ones to take home. Trinh wanted to take ALL of the apples home. Unfortunately, our bag of apples had a couple of accidents on the way to the car so they got a bit bruised... ok, a lot bruised. But they were still delicious!


We took a quick trip to Manchester, NH to visit Di Van (Aunt Clara) & Uncle Trevor. This is the first time we've visited them since they moved there 5 years ago. Trinh LOVED the fall leaves. Every morning she would peek out the window and say, "Is it still fall?? OH YEA!!! I LOVE fall!!"

Making a leaf angel:
Throwing leaves on Ông
She got this idea from Di Van!!

14 October 2009

Boat Belts

I bought a kayak yesterday and brought it home last night. Trinhity climbed into it this morning and happily plopped down in the seat, then looked up at me with a confused look.
"Daddy," she said, "where's the seat belt?"

06 October 2009

Grandma's Garden Critters

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Two Giraffes

One girl giraffe. One boy giraffe. The girl giraffe has the flower in her hair. They are falling in love. They are eating leaves from a tree.

She created this all on her own without any help or supervision. We think she saw a picture on one of the LEGO boxes of the "giraffe" and then just improvised the rest. Pretty cool.


From Spot Park in the Heights during her school field trip:
Playground at Moody Gardens:

05 October 2009

Future SI Swimsuit model??

Play With Your Food Day

The things a mother has to do to get her kids to eat healthy.... hence the birth of "play with your food day". The only rule is that you have to eat what you put on your plate but you can do whatever you want with the food provided. We've had requests for "play with your food day" almost daily now. Good!
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We went to ride the trains a few weekends ago. Trinh loved them! Check out Tai's blog for more details.