22 October 2009

Motion Sickness

We discovered the difficult way that Trinh has motion sickness. Mama gets a bit queasy when confined in a car for too long. Trinh has always been this way too. She tends to fall asleep when we get into a car for a long trip (long is 30 minutes). She has been fine on her previous airplane trips. But this time, she complained about her tummy feeling funny on the descents.

So as we were making our descent into Houston, Trinh lost her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mama caught it all on a shirt, a hoodie, two pillows, and in three barf bags. It was terrible. It was extremely terrible. Between sobs, moans, and spews, Trinh was screaming that she hated airplanes and that she never wanted to go on a plane again!! Needless to say, we will not be getting on a plane for a while... quite a while.


persephone said...

oh no! poor thing. and here I was just going to ask when you were going to come visit Di Trang. ;-) I guess Di Trang will just have to come visit you guys!!! See you for Thanksgiving! =)

Janine Evans said...

oh. my. GOD. I'm so sorry to hear this.
There should be some sort of parenting medal for surviving such an ordeal.