20 December 2009

Awkward Questions

Yesterday in the bathroom at Starbucks: Trinhity's sitting on the toilet and says, "Mama, listen. I have a question. But don't freak out, I'm NOT going to do it. It's just a question. I'm just asking. It's just a joke, OK? I'm just asking."

"Yes, dear," replied Mama, "go ahead and ask your question."

"Mama, what does pee taste like?"

04 December 2009


It's Friday December 4, 2009. The weather report said that it would snow today. Yeah, right. Mama told Trinh that it might snow. Trinh asked excitedly, "Is God really going to make it SNOW??!?!"
Why yes, yes He is!!


Know who this is??
It's Stitch. Trinhity LOVES Stitch. We kinda find him annoying, but oh well. She picked up this doll at a recent yard-saling venture (and yes, we washed it before she played with it!!). She loves to go garage-saling which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows us. She is very particular about what she wants and systematically rummages through the junk to find her treasures. We never know what will pique her interest. When she finds it though, we know. Her face lights up, and she hugs the item to her chest. She then runs to find the person running the sale and boldly asks: "Is this on sale? How much is it on sale?" She then happily squeals to her parental unit: "It's for sale! It's for sale! It's 50 cents!!"
If only all happiness could be bought with 50 cents....

Taking the Umbrellas Out for a Walk

These were taken in late November on a somewhat drizzling day.

Uncle Joel & Uncle Steve

Uncle Joel & Uncle Steve came to visit in early November!! They are Taison's Godfathers and we were truly honored that they would come all the way from Ottowa to come visit us. We didn't take many photos during their visit, but this one is a gem:
We love you Joel & Steve!!

Thanksgiving Dinner

We were invited to share Thanksgiving dinner with Trinh's & Tai's godmother, Trang. She served arguably one of the best turkey dinner's we've ever had!! We had deep-fried turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, spinach salad, tomato soup, sourdough stuffing, cranberry compote, and cornbread. Everything was delectable! Everything was single-handedly made from scratch by Trang!!
Being Vietnamese, our Thanksgiving dinners were usually from a box courtesy of Stove Top and Hungry Jack. Perhaps most Americans do not realize that the sacred turkey is not considered delicious fowl to Asians. Asians think turkey meat stink. Literally. They do not like it. But everything seems to taste better deep fried. And the second generation of young Asian-Americans are learning to cook tradition American-style as well as mastering the magic mysteries of wok-cooking passed down to them by their mothers.

Of course we had some Vietnamese dishes served as well. Trang's aunt made lobster stir-fried in garlic & chives.
And her mom made stuffed chicken wings (the bones are removed and stuffed with spiced ground pork) served with fried sticky-rice.
Thank you Trang, for including us in such a fabulous feast!!

Thanksgiving Festivities

For Trinhity's Thanksgiving party at school, we made these little turkey treats:
Trinh of course, had to taste the frosting we used to "glue" the marshmallow & candy corns onto the brownie bite. They were a little messy to make....
...and even messier to eat!
Trinhity's class dressed as pilgrims for their Feast Day party. Our little pilgrim, of course, ate seaweed and rice instead of the shared fare of chicken nuggets with the natives.