04 December 2009


Know who this is??
It's Stitch. Trinhity LOVES Stitch. We kinda find him annoying, but oh well. She picked up this doll at a recent yard-saling venture (and yes, we washed it before she played with it!!). She loves to go garage-saling which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows us. She is very particular about what she wants and systematically rummages through the junk to find her treasures. We never know what will pique her interest. When she finds it though, we know. Her face lights up, and she hugs the item to her chest. She then runs to find the person running the sale and boldly asks: "Is this on sale? How much is it on sale?" She then happily squeals to her parental unit: "It's for sale! It's for sale! It's 50 cents!!"
If only all happiness could be bought with 50 cents....

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