27 December 2010

The Lonely Side

The morning before last Trinhity awoke early, as she usually does, before her brother and me. She planted a kiss on my cheek, which she often does, and it's very sweet....but this time I was also very asleep. Apparently I didn't respond warmly enough, and she got a bit miffed. She eventually abandoned the big bed for the little bed, where she did bundled under the covers and sulked. I stirred a few minutes later when I heard her scrambling about, and she showed me this:
She's been sounding out words lately and trying to write them. It's supposed to say "Side of Lonely", and I wouldn't be surprised if she reversed the "S" just for effect. In other words, my lack of attention forced her out of the warm, snuggly place and into a cold wasteland. Bad (sleepy) Daddy....

18 December 2010


One of Daddy's not entirely secret vanities is his ambidextrous chopstick prowess. There are cultural reasons why such skills are a rarity, especially in Asia, but it's occasionally convenient at cramped tables. It's also a fun egotrip to mess with the "Do you need a fork, sir?" types. Call it an egg's homage to Westley and Inigo.

So it gave me great pleasure tonight at dinner to note that Trinh was eating her phở with chopsticks in her left hand. She wasn't doing too badly, but she was having more trouble than usual.

We both cracked up when she looked up in frustration and said, "Do you think I forgot how to do this?" She switched hands and blew through the rest of her noodles...
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13 December 2010

Welcome Back

I spent most of yesterday laid up in bed with a nasty one-day flu-like bug. Trinh made me this picture and message as a 'Welcome Back from Being Sick' party. It's good to be the Daddy.
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04 December 2010


Trinhity saw this car today in the parking lot at gymnastics and decided she's in love with it. She wants one. She's going to name it "Jillianna".
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17 November 2010

Pilgrim Pride

One of the mom's from Trinhity's school volunteered to sew the pilgrim outfits and embroider each child's name on their outfit. Wow! The kids looked really cute for their Thanksgiving feast....
Here is our little pilgrim back in her classroom eating dessert...
For some reason she decided that she was too shy to take pictures with daddy...
I took her to school today and the Thanksgiving decorations were all put away and the Christmas decorations are all up. We adore the parents who decorated the classroom but we can't help but disagree on displaying Christmas at school before the Thanksgiving holidays are even here!! The kids are excited of course for the change but some of the children were confused since the calendar is still set on November. There is still two more days until the children break for the Thanksgiving holiday, couldn't it have waited?? Oh well.

One of the life lessons of parenthood: pick your battles. I am choosing to fight less and less these days.

Where's the Turkey?

We drive by a 59 Diner restaurant on our way home from school. There was a huge inflatable turkey on top of the restaurant earlier this month. But this week, it has been replaced by a huge Santa inflatable. It's annoying since Thanksgiving is not until next week, and they have already bypassed the holiday for Christmas. So much for the season of giving thanks.... and onto the season of gifts and 'gimme more'...

The first time I noticed that the turkey had been replaced, I asked the kids, "Hey, what happened to the big turkey?" Trinh replies, "Santa ate him!" This cracked us all up. So now, when we pass the big Santa, Trinh tells a new story about how the turkey disappeared and got replaced by Santa. Today, she says, "Santa beat up the turkey and took it's place!" And you know what? I think that's exactly what happened...

06 November 2010

Daddy doesn't...

Mama's finally taking a well-deserved vacation next week, a girls' weekend with her Cali crew. Me, I'm psyched. I've been looking forward to some dedicated Daddy Time for weeks. It's gonna be great.

So tonight while running some errands I asked Trinhity how she felt about Mommy leaving. She looked out the window and said, "Well, I guess it just means we'll have to spend the whole week at BaBa's house....because DADDY DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO WIPE MY BUTT."

She said it with a completely straight face, but her eyes were twinkling. I processed that for a second, then said, "Hey, are you messing with me?" She still played it straight and gave me a withering look. "No, Daddy," she said. Still twinkling.

Finally she lost it and busted up laughing. I asked again, "Are you messing with me?" She goes, "OH Yeah....baaaaby."

31 October 2010

Bat Family Halloween

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A Holiday

Trinh asked some big questions tonight: "Daddy, when the world explodes and everyone dies, then what will happen?" We worked on that for awhile, and it led to other questions. We covered the Biblical creation story, the Fall, sin, justice, brushed up against damnation, then wrapped up with a heavenly flourish. Along the way we had this exchange:
Daddy: "Yes, that's right. Christians are people who believe in Jesus Christ. Not everyone believes in Jesus, of course. We do. Other people believe in a God called "Allah", and they have a different belief about Jesus. Still other people believe in something like heaven, but not in God or Allah or Jesus. Some of those 'other' people have literally saved my life, several times. What do we call God?"

T3: "God."

Daddy: "Yes, exactly! And God's son is named..."

T3: "Jesus."

Daddy: "Righteous! And Jesus was born on...."

T3: "Christmas!!"

Daddy: "Yep. And he died on a cross on..."

T3: [brow furrows, pauses for reflection] "...a holiday?"

30 October 2010


...and her Batty Family.
Actually, Trinhity had originally wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween. Taison wanted to be BATMAN. When Trinh saw the Batgirl costume, well, she thought it was super cool. So, we are all going as superheros this year. More pictures tomorrow...
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13 October 2010

Pumpkin Patch

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27 September 2010

Reading Book

Trinhity got her first reading book this weekend! She was so proud. WE were so proud! She's been in Kindergarten for a little over a month and she's already reading. How crazy is that? The story she read to us was called Max. Max is a cat. Max sat and sat and sat. There was a bad rat. Max is mad at the bad rat. Max nabs the bad rat with a pan and a fat ham. This story was much more fun than the Dick & Jane books that I remember reading as a child.

Why did you have kids??

Mama was feeling a bit stressed out one day and went into "Mommy Monster" mode. The house was a mess, there were toys everywhere, the kids were screaming & running around, and life for the moment was utter chaos. So Mama yelled, and she got mad, and she tried to reduce the entropy in her little world.

Trinh states very matter of factly: Mommy, why did you have kids? You KNEW it would be like this!

[stunned silence]

18 September 2010


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Somewhere over the rainbow...

Sassy, Fierce, Stubborn, Loving


Princess started kindergarten last month. Unbelievable. The transition was actually not that painful since we continued her at the little private school that she had been attending since she was three. She knew the school, the staff, and most importantly the kids. The most difficult transition for her was the fact that she had to attend EVERY DAY and that her days were longer. But all in all, it was a smooth transition and she has been enjoying school for the most part. No tears, no drama, and lots of smiles!

The parents though, had quite a bit of drama before kindergarten even started. You see, the school tested their students to see what class level the kids belonged in. There are four different kindergarten classes. FOUR. Trinhity's test results and the fact that she was a young five (June birthday) placed her in the third level class. The first level class is actually a pre-first grade and the students here are already reading. We knew she didn't belong there but we felt that she did belong in the second level class. Her fours teacher agreed. So after two discussions with the teacher who administered the test and three discussions with the owner of the school, we finally got her into what we feel is the correct classroom. We were not expecting this type of drama and stress for kindergarten placement.... really.

I don't remember trying to learn how to read in kindergarten. Trinhity, after a month of school, is already starting to try to read three and four letter words. This is significant in that before school, she had absolutely no interest in phonics or learning how to read. Interesting to us how much the kindergarten curriculum has changed in the past 20 years. She has Spanish class two days a week and they having cooking activities several times a month.

BTW, she's been obsessed with Beyonce's "Single Ladies". She's doing the "single ladies" dance in these photos. :-)

08 August 2010

Netptune v. Daddy

Trinh was on a roll yesterday. We hit a garage sale on our way to run some errands, and she scored a King Neptune action figure from The Little Mermaid. His scepter was broken, which we hadn't noticed at the time, but he had the long white beard and bulging muscles.

She was playing with it at lunch, and Mommy asked, "Trinh, does King Neptune look like Daddy?" She said, "Noooo. King Neptune doesn't have all that hair! And Daddy has muscles...but his muscles are invisible...."

07 August 2010

It's Over

Another family bed episode from today, this time with all of us wrestling:
Daddy: "OK, OK...that's enough, I give up! It's over when somebody gets licked in the eyeball..."
Trinh: "No, Daddy...it's not over until somebody gets peed on!!!"

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UnHairy Eyeballs

Silly morning conversation in the family bed:
Daddy: "Trinh, who has more hair -- Mommy or Daddy?"
Trinh: "Daddy!"
Mommy: "Trinh, what part of Daddy *doesn't* have hair?"
Trinh: "His eyeballs!"

03 August 2010

Colorado Camping: T3's Take

Got back late tonight from five days of (mostly) camping in Colorado with Trinhity. It was, for me, priceless. Or, as she put it when someone asked how it was going, "Daddy thinks it's like a magic dream!" Well, yes, something like that.

I took a bunch of pix with the DSLR that we'll post later, but I also turned Trinh loose with the old Sony pocket-sized camera. It was her first time playing with an 'adult' camera for an extended period of time, and she loved it. I gave her only three rules:
  1. Don't drop it.
  2. Stop trying to take close-up pictures of people emerging from public toilets.
  3. Stop taking pictures of my ass.
Otherwise, no holds barred. I've been really excited to see what she captured. There's a lot less junk than I expected, and I found enough quirky and amusing shots to be worth a posting. Here's an abridged but otherwise completely unaltered glimpse into a backcountry adventure through the lens of a roving five year old princess...