31 January 2010

Banana Phone

I sometimes surf YouTube on the iPods with the kids; it's the closest thing we have to a TV here at the house. One of the most requested vids is Banana Phone, a fairly silly song that can become an annoying earworm. Trinhity loves this version since she thinks the girl looks like Olivia's Mommy (3rd from the right), except crazier.

Caught this at lunch the other day -- you can see the remains of the seaweed + rice + green bean butterfly that Mama made for her. She got a lyric wrong in a terribly right way: she sang "I'll call the warehouse" where the original says "I'll call the White House". I love it.

25 January 2010

Birthday Cake!

It's the baby brother's 2 year old birthday! As the big sister, Trinh got to make all the crucial decisions in planning the party. She got to pick out the balloons, and decide what day to have the party. She was nice enough to let him blow out his own candles and even let him open his own presents.
But there was no doubt when it came to the cake. She was definitely helping him eat it!
They licked the frosting off the top and then they were done. Amazing. It's a good thing BaBa talked Mama out of baking the little Dude's cake from scratch. They didn't even touch it!

Check out Taison's blog for more photos.

The Modern Daddy

The new breed of modern Daddy does pony tails and pig tails... and he does it with a sheepish, proud smile.

The Park

We spent most of last week at our neighborhood park. The weather here has been simply gorgeous. In addition to snacks, water, sand toys, trucks, wipes & diapers, Mama decided to bring along the camera on Friday to try to get some shots of the kiddos.

Same little girl
Same tree
Still in pink
Both during the month of January
2010 & 2007
Some things change, some things remain the same.

15 January 2010

Little Miss Mina

Our dear friends Joe, Annie, & little Miss Mina were in Houston for a brief visit over the holidays. Mina is a little party animal... she rocked with all the big girls at the sleep-over and when they were leaving at 10:30PM, Mina was still bouncing up & down chanting, "I want to Play, PLaY, plAy, PlAy, PLAAaaAAYYyyy!!"
We miss you guys and we hope to get a chance to see you again in 2010!!


Mommy & Me Sleep-Over

I love my Mommy. She has great ideas! We hosted a "Mommy & Me" sleep-over for a few of my little friends. Taison & Daddy slept over at Ong Ba's house. Mama made dinner for everyone and the Big Girls feasted and drank wine while the Little Girls played & squealed and did crafts. The Little Girls ended up eating lollipops, Belgian Chocolates, and popcorn for dinner -- whoo-hoo!! They eventually had a late-night feast of rice at 10:30PM. Trinh went to bed at 11PM that night.
In the morning, Daddy & Tai Tai came back to make us breakfast & cappuccinos. He made us rice-crispy treats!! Here we are doing the sugar dance....

Christmas Tea Party

Remember Rosie Posie's Tea Room from last spring? We went there again last month for a Christmas Tea Party.
Trinhity still doesn't like that big, scary, hairy fat man in the weird fur-lined costume. She stayed as far away from him as she could and tends to hide from him when she spots him in public places. The Santa at the tea party was giving out gifts to all the little girls who happily sat in his lap and prattled off a list of their Christmas wishes. But not Trinh, She would forgo a present just to not have to touch the weird guy. Lucky for her, Mama talked the scary man into giving her a present anyway.
She was much more interested in playing with the dress up clothes this time around.

Yes, she is posing. This is her "Take my picture, I'm being cute" look.


Singing Christmas carols with the little brother...

This is her 4-years class at their Christmas Teas program from the Woods Private School.

14 January 2010

Beware, Underwear

I had just stripped down to my birthday suit and was opening the shower door today when Trinhity whipped around the corner and said, "Daddy! You have to be careful! Don't let Tai Tai see you!"

I was confused. Being nak'd isn't a big deal in our house (yet), so this was unexpected. She explained, "See, Daddy, my teacher Ms. Carlson says that we have to be careful because little boys are always trying to look at our underwear. Tai Tai is a little boy, so you have to be careful. Daddy, he's coming...he's coming! HIDE YOURSELF!"

I was, and remain, speechless.

13 January 2010

Pongal, the Harvest Festival

A few apparently unconnected facts:
  • Trinhity goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • We live in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • South India celebrates Pongal, a harvest festival, in mid-January.
  • Google Calendar enables users to share calendars. It also allows users to include many countries' holidays on their personal calendars.
Very early last Monday morning I was reviewing my schedule for the work week and noticed "Harvest Festival" on the Google Calendar that I share with the Mama-san and both munckins. Thinking it was a function at Trinhity's school, I automatically blocked out Thursday morning so I could attend.

It occurred to me only on Wednesday that A) it's winter, and it's freezing even here in Houston; the only things getting harvested around here in mid-January are broken Christmas ornaments at the end-of-season sales. And B) Trinhity doesn't go to school on Thursdays anyway.

Moral of the story: parenthood makes you stupid.