15 January 2010

Christmas Tea Party

Remember Rosie Posie's Tea Room from last spring? We went there again last month for a Christmas Tea Party.
Trinhity still doesn't like that big, scary, hairy fat man in the weird fur-lined costume. She stayed as far away from him as she could and tends to hide from him when she spots him in public places. The Santa at the tea party was giving out gifts to all the little girls who happily sat in his lap and prattled off a list of their Christmas wishes. But not Trinh, She would forgo a present just to not have to touch the weird guy. Lucky for her, Mama talked the scary man into giving her a present anyway.
She was much more interested in playing with the dress up clothes this time around.

Yes, she is posing. This is her "Take my picture, I'm being cute" look.

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