13 January 2010

Pongal, the Harvest Festival

A few apparently unconnected facts:
  • Trinhity goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • We live in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • South India celebrates Pongal, a harvest festival, in mid-January.
  • Google Calendar enables users to share calendars. It also allows users to include many countries' holidays on their personal calendars.
Very early last Monday morning I was reviewing my schedule for the work week and noticed "Harvest Festival" on the Google Calendar that I share with the Mama-san and both munckins. Thinking it was a function at Trinhity's school, I automatically blocked out Thursday morning so I could attend.

It occurred to me only on Wednesday that A) it's winter, and it's freezing even here in Houston; the only things getting harvested around here in mid-January are broken Christmas ornaments at the end-of-season sales. And B) Trinhity doesn't go to school on Thursdays anyway.

Moral of the story: parenthood makes you stupid.

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