28 February 2010


$10,000 REWARD
paid in gold coin for the apprehension of


wanted in 6 counties for
kid nappings and cereal killings
suspect will be armed, legged and dangerous

17 February 2010


Making gluten-free cookies with Daddy at a beach-house we rented back in August:
Singing, whilst partaking in chocolate fondue.
We sing a lot here in the Clark house.



We made Valentines for her class this year.

Trinhity loves the idea of making Valentines, she's a bit of a hopeless romantic. She's been making Valentines almost everyday for the past few weeks. It's pretty sweet. Maybe you will see one of her special creations in the mail....


These random drawings were all done in late 2009.

Her coloring last year had a calico-esque quality to them.
She has now taken on a stained-glass look in her drawings.
You can see that some of her pictures are influenced by the things that she watches. There were many drawings of Stitch a few months ago. Her latest influence is Wall-E.

This isn't a drawing per se, but it's a gem and we forgot to post it at Christmas. It's too cute not to share.

The Year of the Tiger

Valentine's Day was also Tết, the lunar new year. We didn't have a big celebration this year, but we did have dinner with Ong Ba.

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Here are more photos from the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Daddy took Trinhity to one of our favorite local restaurants, Redfish Grill. The food there is amazing and the owners are fabulous!

Trinhity & Daddy double-princess-dated with her little friend from school, Olivia.
As they were entering the ball, they were greeted by the royal princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, & Sleeping-Beauty. Trinhity was really nervous about meeting these princesses as you can see. She refused to have her picture taken with the lovely princesses and hid whenever they tried to talk to her!
The red-carpet walk to the ballroom:
The entrance to the grand ball:
The room was decorated with pink, teal, & purple balloon arches and flowers along with paper lanterns and lights hanging from the ceiling. There was a buffet and tables for the little princesses as well as a DJ conducting the dance and games. It was really done nicely.

Here they are awaiting the carriage ride around the parking lot:
And she even got a goodie-bag loaded with fun gifts!
This will definitely be an annual event!


Trinhity is amazingly creative. She has an eye for detail and the heart of an artist. Here are some of our favorite drawings she's done in the past few months
This is Trinh & Tai on a ship:

She is 4.5 years old. These pictures were drawn completely free-hand and sprung from her imagination.

06 February 2010

The Daddy Daughter Dance

Lifetime Fitness held it's 3rd annual Daddy Daughter dance. So of course Daddy took the Princess to the grand ball!
We're not sure who has been more excited about this:
or perhaps Daddy?
More photos soon...

02 February 2010

Be smarter than your children

Trinhity wanted to have marshmallows today for a snack. I relented and gave her a handful. She asked, "Can I eat as much as I want???" When I told her no since it will make her sick, she responded, "But I'm ALREADY sick."

Well, technically she's right.

She ended up not eating all of the marshmallows and left them for her brother. I asked her why she didn't finish them and she responded, "I didn't want to get a tummy ache. Tai Tai will get a tummy-ache but I'm not."

At least it sank in....

Who do you love more?

We are having to field the most interesting questions these days. Today during lunch, Trinhity wanted to know who I loved more than anyone in the whole world. She gave me several options: Tai or Trinh? Trinh or Daddy? Daddy or Tai? I explained to her that I loved everyone more but that I loved everyone in our family the same. To help illustrate this, I turned the question around and asked her who she loves more than anyone in the whole world? My thought was that she would not be able to decide. Her response? Tai Tai.

Well, that decides it then, doesn't it?