17 February 2010

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Here are more photos from the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Daddy took Trinhity to one of our favorite local restaurants, Redfish Grill. The food there is amazing and the owners are fabulous!

Trinhity & Daddy double-princess-dated with her little friend from school, Olivia.
As they were entering the ball, they were greeted by the royal princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, & Sleeping-Beauty. Trinhity was really nervous about meeting these princesses as you can see. She refused to have her picture taken with the lovely princesses and hid whenever they tried to talk to her!
The red-carpet walk to the ballroom:
The entrance to the grand ball:
The room was decorated with pink, teal, & purple balloon arches and flowers along with paper lanterns and lights hanging from the ceiling. There was a buffet and tables for the little princesses as well as a DJ conducting the dance and games. It was really done nicely.

Here they are awaiting the carriage ride around the parking lot:
And she even got a goodie-bag loaded with fun gifts!
This will definitely be an annual event!


persephone said...

That is one sick pre-school that Trinhity attends. I'm super jealous -- you guys found a real gem there. Congrats.

persephone said...

oops, just read an earlier post -- your GYM hosted the daddy-daughter dance???? I'm even more impressed...!

mina's mommy said...

how awesome is this!!! joe is green, totally green!