10 March 2010

Bad Neighbors

Today while the kids were playing in the front yard, the slightly older girls (6.5) from across the street came to join the fun. Trinh was just about to get onto her scooter when Comet (not her real name) swiped it, pushed Trinhity away and took off down the sidewalk.

The Mama-san caught the last bit of that episode and saw Trinh's long face. She asked what happened, and Trinh replied, "Mommy, she took my scooter. I was playing with it and she just took it. She didn't ask or anything."

The Mama-san called after the little hoodlum, who blatantly ignored her. The girls' father was standing next to Trinhity in our driveway, mere feet from the scene of the crime; he said nothing. Finally, after the Mama-san yelled several times, Comet reluctantly came back...but not before completing her loop. She didn't bring the scooter to Trinhity; she drove it past Trinhity.

Trinh politely said, "Thank you." These are the things that make you proud of your children's fine character.

Then, seconds later when Trinhity finally laid hands on her scooter again, she turned around and declared to the father, "And that's why my Daddy doesn't like these kids!"

These are the things that make you...uh...er....

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Janine Evans said...

lol. oh, that's a great story.
those are the moments I dread, though (both the Comet behavior hurting my kids' feelings and the doh! -cringe-did-she-just-say-that?! moments.

and of COURSE the dad was there for the whole thing and did nothing. Of course. Grrrr.