26 April 2010


Ballerinas on stage
Our family from L-R: Tai, Trinh, Mama, Daddy
She drew this and cut out the images herself.
This one was from school and was part of her assessment done back in January. She was given half of a girl and she filled in the other half.
This one was also a part of her assessment at school. Her teacher gave everyone a blank page and gave oral instructions on what to draw. For example, the children were told to draw a blue square in the center of the page, put an "X" on the corners, draw a red heart in the middle of the square, etc. The only thing she did incorrectly was to place the orange rectangle and the purple oval in opposite places. She still is struggling with distinguishing left and right (her Mama still has problems with this as well). Of the 12 kids in her class, only three of the pictures looked somewhat like what they were supposed to while most of the others ranged from scribbles to having only about half of the elements present in the drawing.

A picture she drew for Tai Tai at school during her free time:
A few months back she had a slight obsession with the movie Wall-E. This is a survey she created with some spelling help from Daddy.
Ants marching:
Decorations for our house that she made and hung up herself. These were up in our house for about 3 months.

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Gift Ideas said...

Gorgeous Stuff. My wife and I have two daughters, and that art is pretty and detailed. Keep sharing.