01 April 2010

Sheets & Clouds

Before the kids came the not-yet Mama-san made a minor sanctuary of our bed: 300+ count sheets, down duvet, everything white. We called it The Cloud.

Recently we've been encouraging Trinhity to sleep in "her" bed as she showed some interest in laying claim to the nearly-unused toddler bed (which uses the mattress from the nearly-unused crib) which has been sitting idle in a corner of the kids' room for YEARS.

To move this along we offered to get her some sheets that she'd like. Princesses, that's what she wanted. We still haven't given in completely to the commercialized stuff, so we eschewed the Disney princess themed bedset and talked her into a nice, colorful set with funky flowers.

She slept in it for almost a week, but she's been sick the last few nights and wanted to sleep with me instead. The first night she claimed that her bed was too lonely, but last night she started a new refrain: "Daddy, your bed is just so soft! It's like a feather. My bed is soooo scratchy."

I didn't know what the thread count on sheets meant until at least my early 30s, and I still don't really notice when the sheets are scratchy. I can't help but think that the Mama-san has played some role in our daughter's newfound high-brow taste in sheets.

But after that came my favorite part: "Daddy, your bed is like sleeping on a pillow! But it's soooo boring. Don't they make soft sheets like that with actual COLORS?"

And now I've found myself actually surfing for 300+ count sheets for a toddler bed. Never thought I'd see the day.

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Mother Superior said...

ummm... honey, they are more like 600-700 thread count, sateen cotton....the 200-300 stuff IS what the kids are sleeping on...