26 April 2010

Spring projects

Trinhity's been helping to get the garden prepped this Spring. She didn't like the way Mama trimmed up the Japanese boxwood so she gave her some creative suggestions as to how to improve the general landscaping of the yard. Initially, she wanted a rabbit, or a bird. Mama convinced her that this would be within the realm of possibility:
We had a colder winter this year so the frost killed off a lot of the plants in our yard. We've been busy planting flowers and vines to lure butterflies to our yard. We have milkweed which is a host plant for the monarch butterfly. Below is a small caterpillar which has probably already gone off to create a chrysalis and is well on it's way to becoming a monarch butterfly by now.

Although the kids love having the butterfly garden, Taison is a bit rough with the plants and "pets" and tends to stomp on all things growing and creeping. Darwinism at it's finest.... played out right here in our backyard!
One of our projects this year -- the new patio and pergola:
Trinhity loves her new "roof" and all the colorful pebbles that we had put in. And what does a kid do with rocks? She stacks, paints, and draws on them of course.

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