30 May 2010

Pinnochio Daddy

Tonight I was consoling Trinhity after she'd accidentally conked her
little brother's head with a toy. It was an accident that should have
been avoided, and I fussed at her about doing something dangerous. She
went overboard with the self-flaggelation, sobbing about how she's a
terrible big sister and the like.

Awhile later after she'd calmed down, we were talking about how
sometimes she takes too much blame for things that aren't her fault.

Out of the blue she says, "Yes, Daddy. You have that problem with
Mommy, and I have that problem with Tai Tai. We both need to work on

The child is FOUR. Well, almost five. But I didn't have that clarity
until my mid-30s, and I'm still struggling with it. Good LORD.

Later she told me that my nose was getting longer when I tried to
defend myself about a similarly deep psychological topic. She's SO her
mother's daughter in some ways.

25 May 2010

Didn't you JUST eat??

It's 3:50PM. Mama has been trying to eat a sandwich now for over an hour. There have been three bites taken out of it this far between reading a story, tending to snotty noses, helping with a craft, etc. This is not a snack. This is lunch.

Trinh: "Mama, can you help me?" (she is continuing with her crafts)

Mama: "Mama needs to eat lunch. Mama's hungry."

Trinh: "Didn't you eat cereal already?"

[sigh] Cereal was consumed at 9:30AM for breakfast. Mama is hungry....

20 May 2010

The Spring Show

Trinh had her Spring Show back in May. The kids belted out Disney tunes for their families to enjoy. She even had lines she had to memorize and recite. It was really cute to hear 4 year olds sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"!
Mama & Princess at the cookies and punch reception afterwards.
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18 May 2010

16 May 2010

QUIZ: which one is mine?

Daddy here, somewhat depressed. If you'd have told me 10 years ago that today I'd be coloring a My Little Pony, much less in the presence of a guest, I'd have thought you insane.

However, if you'd also have told me that my finished My Little Pony crayola masterpiece would be almost indistinguishable from that of my 4-year old daughter, I'd have at least been skeptical.

Reality bites. One of these three My Little Ponies is mine. Which one? Leave your answer as a comment.

13 May 2010

Feed the birds....

...tuppence a bag....
We shamelessly fed the seagulls stale cereal & bread in hopes of getting some shots with the kids.
By the time we got the camera, they lost interest in chasing the birds....
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The next generation

When I was little, I talked to my friends on the telephone. My daughter, at 4, is using Google Video to chat with her BFF.
They talk about what they are doing. They show each other their toys. They giggle. They had lunch together... virtually. They show each other their tongues and eyeballs and feet. And when they run out of silly things to giggle about, they draw faces on their feet and show those to the laptop. And yes, both girls are on laptops. Trinhity is on Mama's Macbook... her BFF has one-upped her and is chatting from her very own netbook complete with hot pink Hello Kitty skin and case. Yes, these girls are 4 & 5.
We can only wonder what they will be doing as teenagers and how they will use technology in their lives.
Hopefully, though, they will still retain some of the silly little girlishness that is so fun at this age...
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Galveston 2010

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