13 May 2010

The next generation

When I was little, I talked to my friends on the telephone. My daughter, at 4, is using Google Video to chat with her BFF.
They talk about what they are doing. They show each other their toys. They giggle. They had lunch together... virtually. They show each other their tongues and eyeballs and feet. And when they run out of silly things to giggle about, they draw faces on their feet and show those to the laptop. And yes, both girls are on laptops. Trinhity is on Mama's Macbook... her BFF has one-upped her and is chatting from her very own netbook complete with hot pink Hello Kitty skin and case. Yes, these girls are 4 & 5.
We can only wonder what they will be doing as teenagers and how they will use technology in their lives.
Hopefully, though, they will still retain some of the silly little girlishness that is so fun at this age...
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Janine Evans said...

crazy. seriously.
but cool.