07 June 2010


Princess turned FIVE on Saturday!!
OMG, how did that happen?!!!??

Mama asked her a couple of months ago what kind of party she wanted for her birthday. Her response was a MERMAID party. So a mermaid party she got!!

[click on any of the images below for a larger view]

Mama likes the Oriental Trading Company...a lot. Per Trinh's request, our living room was transformed into an underwater birthday haven with roughly 50 inflatable fish and almost 500ft of streamers. She was a huge help in the planning and execution of this fete. She blew up fish, taped up streamers, and even cut out the crab & starfish "place mats" above. When we went to Galveston last month, she personally selected each seashell and rejected the ones that just weren't up to her mermaid standards.

Her BFF had a pinata at her birthday last month so Trinh decided she needed a pinata too. She wanted a unicorn... no princess... no unicorn... pinata. But Mama reminded her of her mermaid birthday theme so we decided that a fish would be good. Trinhity decided that she would like to make her pinata. Mama, not thinking too clearly at the time, said Yes. Thank God for the internet!!

Trinhity drew this picture during the planning stages and decided that this was how the pinata would look:

That's her on the left and her brother on the right. The other two girls were her friends from school. It had to be a rainbow fish that was mostly pink and sparkly and had to have eyelashes because girls have eyelashes and Trinhity likes all things girly.

This was her pinata:

She designed the eyes & mouth and glued more than half of the scales on the body. :-)

It was almost 100 degrees out so we did everything inside. Here are the little mermaids trying to catch the fish:
The birthday girl taking a swing at the pinata:
We made mermaid tails for all of her little girlfriends. Trinhity designed those as well :-). Mama took her to the fabric store and she went up and down the aisles fingering the fabrics. She had definite ideas about the material and rejected all of Mama's suggestions. She chose a glittering blue satin and she wanted it to be a dress, not just a tail. Again, we are amazed at how decisive this child is. She rarely wavers nor is easily persuaded once her mind is set.
The aftermath:
A HUGE thanks to Pirate Captain Robert for helping the little mermaids by dealing the final blows (blind no less) to the pinata...
...and for leading them on their scavenger hunt in search of hidden treasures.

The little mermaids making beaded seashell necklaces:

The birthday cake:

Sadly, Taison missed the majority of the party because he was napping. Trinhity was sad and kept asking for him. He was staying over at Ba Ba's and took an unusually long nap (that, and there was some miscommunication about the time the party started... oops!). But, he arrived in time for the cake and he ran into the house and seated himself promptly next to his sister!
Daddy had to hold back Tai Tai because he wanted to blow out the candles.
(Anyone notice anything different about Pirate Daddy??)

Taison cried when we took the cake away to cut it.
He made everyone laugh because he was putting fist-fulls of cake in his mouth.

Happy Birthday Princess Mermaid Trinhity. We love you dearly... you are our beloved precious daughter. We know you won't possibly remember these times, but we will, and we love creating these memories for both you and for us.


Michelle said...

I love it! Ella has been talking about having a mermaid swim party for her 5th party since before she turned four! Then we saw luau stuff the other day so she might want grass skirts instead. Happy Birthday to Trinhity!!

Janine Evans said...

once again...amazing. you are the best parents in the world.
please tell me you did not make that cake.
love you guys.