08 August 2010

Netptune v. Daddy

Trinh was on a roll yesterday. We hit a garage sale on our way to run some errands, and she scored a King Neptune action figure from The Little Mermaid. His scepter was broken, which we hadn't noticed at the time, but he had the long white beard and bulging muscles.

She was playing with it at lunch, and Mommy asked, "Trinh, does King Neptune look like Daddy?" She said, "Noooo. King Neptune doesn't have all that hair! And Daddy has muscles...but his muscles are invisible...."

07 August 2010

It's Over

Another family bed episode from today, this time with all of us wrestling:
Daddy: "OK, OK...that's enough, I give up! It's over when somebody gets licked in the eyeball..."
Trinh: "No, Daddy...it's not over until somebody gets peed on!!!"

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UnHairy Eyeballs

Silly morning conversation in the family bed:
Daddy: "Trinh, who has more hair -- Mommy or Daddy?"
Trinh: "Daddy!"
Mommy: "Trinh, what part of Daddy *doesn't* have hair?"
Trinh: "His eyeballs!"

03 August 2010

Colorado Camping: T3's Take

Got back late tonight from five days of (mostly) camping in Colorado with Trinhity. It was, for me, priceless. Or, as she put it when someone asked how it was going, "Daddy thinks it's like a magic dream!" Well, yes, something like that.

I took a bunch of pix with the DSLR that we'll post later, but I also turned Trinh loose with the old Sony pocket-sized camera. It was her first time playing with an 'adult' camera for an extended period of time, and she loved it. I gave her only three rules:
  1. Don't drop it.
  2. Stop trying to take close-up pictures of people emerging from public toilets.
  3. Stop taking pictures of my ass.
Otherwise, no holds barred. I've been really excited to see what she captured. There's a lot less junk than I expected, and I found enough quirky and amusing shots to be worth a posting. Here's an abridged but otherwise completely unaltered glimpse into a backcountry adventure through the lens of a roving five year old princess...