18 September 2010


Princess started kindergarten last month. Unbelievable. The transition was actually not that painful since we continued her at the little private school that she had been attending since she was three. She knew the school, the staff, and most importantly the kids. The most difficult transition for her was the fact that she had to attend EVERY DAY and that her days were longer. But all in all, it was a smooth transition and she has been enjoying school for the most part. No tears, no drama, and lots of smiles!

The parents though, had quite a bit of drama before kindergarten even started. You see, the school tested their students to see what class level the kids belonged in. There are four different kindergarten classes. FOUR. Trinhity's test results and the fact that she was a young five (June birthday) placed her in the third level class. The first level class is actually a pre-first grade and the students here are already reading. We knew she didn't belong there but we felt that she did belong in the second level class. Her fours teacher agreed. So after two discussions with the teacher who administered the test and three discussions with the owner of the school, we finally got her into what we feel is the correct classroom. We were not expecting this type of drama and stress for kindergarten placement.... really.

I don't remember trying to learn how to read in kindergarten. Trinhity, after a month of school, is already starting to try to read three and four letter words. This is significant in that before school, she had absolutely no interest in phonics or learning how to read. Interesting to us how much the kindergarten curriculum has changed in the past 20 years. She has Spanish class two days a week and they having cooking activities several times a month.

BTW, she's been obsessed with Beyonce's "Single Ladies". She's doing the "single ladies" dance in these photos. :-)

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