31 October 2010

A Holiday

Trinh asked some big questions tonight: "Daddy, when the world explodes and everyone dies, then what will happen?" We worked on that for awhile, and it led to other questions. We covered the Biblical creation story, the Fall, sin, justice, brushed up against damnation, then wrapped up with a heavenly flourish. Along the way we had this exchange:
Daddy: "Yes, that's right. Christians are people who believe in Jesus Christ. Not everyone believes in Jesus, of course. We do. Other people believe in a God called "Allah", and they have a different belief about Jesus. Still other people believe in something like heaven, but not in God or Allah or Jesus. Some of those 'other' people have literally saved my life, several times. What do we call God?"

T3: "God."

Daddy: "Yes, exactly! And God's son is named..."

T3: "Jesus."

Daddy: "Righteous! And Jesus was born on...."

T3: "Christmas!!"

Daddy: "Yep. And he died on a cross on..."

T3: [brow furrows, pauses for reflection] "...a holiday?"

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