27 December 2010

The Lonely Side

The morning before last Trinhity awoke early, as she usually does, before her brother and me. She planted a kiss on my cheek, which she often does, and it's very sweet....but this time I was also very asleep. Apparently I didn't respond warmly enough, and she got a bit miffed. She eventually abandoned the big bed for the little bed, where she did bundled under the covers and sulked. I stirred a few minutes later when I heard her scrambling about, and she showed me this:
She's been sounding out words lately and trying to write them. It's supposed to say "Side of Lonely", and I wouldn't be surprised if she reversed the "S" just for effect. In other words, my lack of attention forced her out of the warm, snuggly place and into a cold wasteland. Bad (sleepy) Daddy....

18 December 2010


One of Daddy's not entirely secret vanities is his ambidextrous chopstick prowess. There are cultural reasons why such skills are a rarity, especially in Asia, but it's occasionally convenient at cramped tables. It's also a fun egotrip to mess with the "Do you need a fork, sir?" types. Call it an egg's homage to Westley and Inigo.

So it gave me great pleasure tonight at dinner to note that Trinh was eating her phở with chopsticks in her left hand. She wasn't doing too badly, but she was having more trouble than usual.

We both cracked up when she looked up in frustration and said, "Do you think I forgot how to do this?" She switched hands and blew through the rest of her noodles...
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13 December 2010

Welcome Back

I spent most of yesterday laid up in bed with a nasty one-day flu-like bug. Trinh made me this picture and message as a 'Welcome Back from Being Sick' party. It's good to be the Daddy.
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04 December 2010


Trinhity saw this car today in the parking lot at gymnastics and decided she's in love with it. She wants one. She's going to name it "Jillianna".
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