27 December 2010

The Lonely Side

The morning before last Trinhity awoke early, as she usually does, before her brother and me. She planted a kiss on my cheek, which she often does, and it's very sweet....but this time I was also very asleep. Apparently I didn't respond warmly enough, and she got a bit miffed. She eventually abandoned the big bed for the little bed, where she did bundled under the covers and sulked. I stirred a few minutes later when I heard her scrambling about, and she showed me this:
She's been sounding out words lately and trying to write them. It's supposed to say "Side of Lonely", and I wouldn't be surprised if she reversed the "S" just for effect. In other words, my lack of attention forced her out of the warm, snuggly place and into a cold wasteland. Bad (sleepy) Daddy....

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