04 January 2011


Yesterday Trinhity & I ran a few errands, and she picked up a small Cinderella doll in a bin near the checkout at Target. She's usually pretty good about not wanting too many things, and I'm usually pretty good about remaining adamant that she's got plenty of toys and doesn't need more. It's not that I never indulge those spontaneous wants, and I don't say she can't ask -- but I've been careful to ensure that she doesn't expect to get actually get anything. Especially if it isn't on sale.

This one wasn't, and she didn't get it. She was a bit grumpy as I loaded her and our stuff into the car, but she was also tired. I wasn't sure if she was just running low on energy or was moping about not having gotten the toy.

A few minutes later she asked what I thought was a complete nonsequitur: "Daddy, do you have lots of friends?"

I said yes, I'd like to think I have a few good friends, and I'm thankful for them. She replied, "Do you have more than 1 or 2 really best bestest friends?" I demurred slightly, but generally agreed that yes, I have more than a 2 really good friends.

"Daddy, if you only had 1 or 2 friends and no other friends in the whole world, would you be sad?"

I started to get nervous. I still couldn't tell where this was going, but a warning light flickered that maybe this wasn't idle kindergartner chit-chat. I tried to hedge: "Well, I'd be thankful that I had those 1 or 2 friends. Better than none!"

The curve: "Hmm. But isn't it better to have more than 1 or 2 bestest friends to make you happy?" Couldn't deny that one. "Sure, dear. It's always good to have more friends."

The slider: "That's what I thought too. See, I'm worried about Ariel and Jasmine being sad because they only have each other. That's why I wanted to buy the Cinderella doll, so they could have more friends and they'd all be happy! But now they'll just have to be lonely..."

Current Age: 5.5 years. I'm already outta my league.

02 January 2011


Pictures like this always make me smile. Every day of the year is Christmas when I'm given artwork like this.
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