24 February 2011


We took Trinh to the Houston Ballet to see the Nutcracker....

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19 February 2011


Trinh decided to plant some berry seeds today....
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13 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Trinhity is terribly, hopelessly romantic.
She was just born that way.
She says that she is going to marry Taison. She gets very upset, cries real tears kind of upset, when her brother chooses Mommy instead of her. You see, Mommy already has Daddy. So if Taison doesn't choose her, she has no idea who she will marry and she just has to marry somebody.

At this age, it's sweet. Her friends at school have already told her that she can't marry her brother. Although it bothers her, she still wants to marry him because he is the only boy she loves. He is her "true love" she says. Sweet. Innocent.
They will not always be so sweet and innocent. But for now, it is a blessing be to be reminded on a daily basis of that innocence and love.

Happy Valentine's Day.

07 February 2011

The Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

Trinhity and her BFF has been planning this event for weeks and months. The girls talked about their outfits and where they would go and what they would do. We think they intentionally tried to match each other. They are FIVE. Who gets a prom experience starting at such a young age???

First, they waited on a red carpet in front of the venue for their horse and carriage.
The Princesses:

Their Daddy Princes:
The carriage took them around the parking lot and they got off with their dates at the back of Lifetime Fitness.
The red carpet entrance to the dance....

Moms were strictly not allowed into the dance. So the Mamas went to dinner (at Redfish, of course). Then the Mamas came back to wait for everyone. As another set of mothers were getting kicked out of the dance, we decided to sneak in the other door... with cameras in hand!

The gym is the size of two full basketball courts. On one court, they had tables and a buffet. The tables were nicely decorated and there were colored lanterns and balloons hanging on the ceiling.
We kept a low profile, sorta, and didn't feel the least bit guilty snapping away as our daughters and husbands enjoyed the last few minutes of the dance. In fact, we were a bit envious since there are no Mother/Daughter or Mother/Son dances.
The DJ was from the Fred Astaire Dance Company and we were told that they had ballroom dancing demonstrations as well as mini-lessons at the event. Trinhity's Daddy of course, was an old pro.

Trinhity danced the night away with her Daddy:
When Daddy wasn't using her to sweep the dance floor, she was crawling around the gym floor with her friend looking for rose petals.

Here she is with a collection of rose petals gathered in her skirt:

The last dance of the evening was a conga-line thing led by one of the dance instructors.
It was neat to see that ALL of the Daddies got in line and participated with their Daughters. Trinhity & Daddy are just behind the second balloon pillar in the back.
There was a raffle as the night ended.
Here is Trinhity's expression as they called the number just before hers!!

Posing with her date:

The group shot:

The girls saying good night:

We had planned to do dessert together but it was 8:30PM and Trinhity was still a little under the weather so we called it a night.

[editor's note: and yet another post forgotten in the draft folder...]

Daddy Daughter Dance

The annual Daddy Daughter Dance was this past weekend. Trinhity has been looking forward to this event all year. Daddy had a cold so she was worried she wouldn't be able to attend. Then she came home with the flu on Wednesday. She was not 100%, but she was well enough to attend.

She insisted on wearing her flower girl dress. Yup, the one she wore two years ago to Cousin Jeff's & Amy's wedding. It's a size 2, but it still fits! She was also very specific about having her nails painted blue to match her dress. Her hair had to be curled but only a little bit and she wanted a "bump it" hairstyle.

She also picked out Daddy's shirt and tie for the event. We decided that something bright would make him easier to find in the sea of Daddies wearing white shirts and black coats. She also had an opinion about his facial hair. She told him to shave, but leave the goatee.
The difference bewteen Trinhity at almost 3 years old and at 5 years old is staggering....

06 February 2011

2010 Colorado Camping: COTW

On our last day we sprinted across Colorado Springs to hit Cave of the Winds before our flight back to Texas, and the lines for the tours were too long. So instead we paid an exorbitant fee for dirt and the opportunity to sluice it.
It wasn't just dirt, of course. They were selling pre-packaged bags laced with fossils, gemstones, arrowheads, etc. We got a couple bags...
...and voila! She found stuff in the muck!

2010 Colorado Camping: the 4-wheeler

Pretty much self-explanatory here. She LOVED this. And she digs Cousin Rachel.

2010 Colorado Camping: Tiny Town

We rolled down Turkey Creek Canyon on the way to Denver, stopped off at Tiny Town...

She didn't do so well with the twists and turns of the canyons. Let's just say it's a good thing Daddy packs for numerous possible eventualities. Also, because I felt bad she was able to talk me into buying her this silly cheap-o little stuffed kitty thing...
...so I put her in jail.

Just kidding! This was completely posed. No children's feelings were hurt in the making of this photograph.

2010 Colorado Camping: town, etc.

Unbeknownest to me (while I was cooking dinner in the rain) she dug that shirt out of her pack, draped it over the steering wheel and took a couple pictures. Awww.

The shots below were from Buena Vista, and this might actually have been my favorite part of the whole trip -- ironic to have a town episode stand out on a camping trip, but whatever. We'd stopped by a cafe for lunch after driving down from the lake, and she noticed the free-for-all games. We started with this pile-the-blocks thing and had a hilarious time...
...then moved onto a full-blown game of Pictionary. She wasn't able to read yet then, so we got creative with the rules. It ended up being me reading AND drawing, then her trying to guess what I was drawing, and we'd only move our game piece if she got it right. Another storm blew through, so we weren't in a big hurry, and I was very surprised at how long her attention span lasted. We must've played for an hour or more, laughing ourselves silly. GOOD times.
A couple more shots that she took with she was running wild with the little camera....

That last one is from Scott & Tina's, but I slipped it into this series anyway. Heard the bear story about the Three Ponies? Uh, never mind....

2010 Colorado Camping: backdrop

We found a big rock...

...with a very cool backdrop...

...just right for some silliness...
...and some sassiness.