07 February 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

The annual Daddy Daughter Dance was this past weekend. Trinhity has been looking forward to this event all year. Daddy had a cold so she was worried she wouldn't be able to attend. Then she came home with the flu on Wednesday. She was not 100%, but she was well enough to attend.

She insisted on wearing her flower girl dress. Yup, the one she wore two years ago to Cousin Jeff's & Amy's wedding. It's a size 2, but it still fits! She was also very specific about having her nails painted blue to match her dress. Her hair had to be curled but only a little bit and she wanted a "bump it" hairstyle.

She also picked out Daddy's shirt and tie for the event. We decided that something bright would make him easier to find in the sea of Daddies wearing white shirts and black coats. She also had an opinion about his facial hair. She told him to shave, but leave the goatee.
The difference bewteen Trinhity at almost 3 years old and at 5 years old is staggering....

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