03 February 2011


It's been relatively cold here, so we've finally re-shuffled the living room furniture and un-barricaded the fireplace. It's been nice to have it lit, even though it's just a weak gas log that puts out previous little heat. We've also obviously imposed some rules about fire safety.

The Mama-san has a less than stellar track record of playing with fire, but that's a story for a different day. Today she was going to light the fire when Trinhity said, "Uh, Mama...er, I think you should have Daddy do that." Mama chuckled and said, "Oh, I think I've got this."

So she turned on the gas....then lit the match. You see where this is going -- know that beautiful sound when a pocket of gas ignites? WhoooooooOOOOOSHHHUUUMP. Love it. I didn't hear the ignition, but I did hear the screech.

Trinh said, "Um, yeah. That's why I thought you should have waited for Daddy."

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~ Jan ~ said...

I love that sound too! :)