03 March 2011

Leonardo's Cancer Cells

Tonight T3 had a bunch of questions about cancer, some of them fairly insightful. It was interesting, but I was afraid she'd get a bit morbid about it, so I tried to shift things a bit by reciting a snippet of an old poem I've always liked, The Cancer Cells by Richard Eberhart:
Today I saw a picture of the cancer cells
Sinister shapes with menacing attitudes
We looked at a few pictures of cancer cells on the internet, and those inspired this:

We surfed a bit more, then wandered back to the ending of the poem, my favorite part:
I think Leonardo would have in his disinterest
Enjoyed them precisely with a sharp pencil
That naturally led to a Google foray for da Vinci sketches and paintings. I explained that the Mona Lisa was perhaps the world's most famous painting, and that nobody quite knows why she's smiling. She liked that idea and immediately started trying to draw it from the on-screen photograph. It didn't quite work. She's only 5, after all....give her time.

We went back to the main gallery, and she took a fancy to Vitruvian Man:

LOVE the frown.