14 July 2011

Zen Gospel Singing

We spent a couple nights with friends up in Dallas last weekend, and while I was putting the kids to sleep on one of the nights I sang Zen Gospel Singing as one of their 14 lullabies.

The song has always amused me. I learned the Bryan Bowers version, but it's got the same lyrics as the Limeliters'.

Good fun, great harmonies...but a big mistake as a lullaby. Trinh asked, "Daddy, what's a Buddhist? Are we Buddhist?"

"No, dear, not this week."

"Then are the people we're staying with Buddhist?"

"No, dear, I think they're Hindu."

"Then why do they have a Buddha in their house?"

Uff-dah. Excellent questions, of course, but man....that's a tough talk to have with a 6-year old at 10PM...