26 August 2011

Swan Lake

Trinh has been into ballet for awhile now -- without having taking a single lesson, mind you. I think one of the origins of this trend was watching the Barbie rendition of Swan Lake. I have to admit, it was actually pretty well-told, and I enjoyed it. Yes, this is the Daddy writing. I do hereby freely and publicly admit that I have been rather surprisedly forced to admit that the Barbie movies are actually pretty good. The music is solid, the morals are fine; the animation isn't all that thrilling, but the package really isn't bad.

Anyway, she knows Swan Lake exclusively from the Barbie thing, plus me telling her a little bit about Tchaikovsky. I used to play a couple sections from The Pathetique when I was walking the floors to put her to sleep as a baby, and she says she remembers it. Last night we were watching some diving videos on YouTube on the iPod Touch just before bedtime, and T3 requested ballet. I found this: Swan Lake from the Kirov.

We were both enthralled, and the last bit is particularly riveting -- no, amazing. We watched the whole thing twice. We watched that last part three times.

The first time through, Trinh kept mapping her knowledge of Swan Lake from the Barbie movie into this 'real' ballet. She was able to infer the scene from the costumes and the characters present, and she knows all their names. I was impressed.

But this was the best part: about two minutes into it, she said, "Daddy! They even got the music right!"

It's good to know that the Kirov 'got the music right'. I love it.