23 November 2012

Shutterfly likes us.  Most years we order cards, calendars, photo books, and the like.  This year they're offering a deal if we publish our cards on our blog -- gladly, here goes!
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24 May 2012

2012 Spring Recital: Do-Re-Mi

I know, I know, it's been waaaay too long since we've updated the blogs.  I always have to say that.  What can I say this time?  Life happens.  Facebook happens.  Google+ happens.  In contrast, blogs seem sorta like talking to a mirror.  I'll try to get better about publishing from my phone, since that's where most of the photo action happens these days anyway.  Promises, promises.

Anyway, I do hope this one will have been worth the wait:  it's the full video of T3's first piano recital!

She played "Do-Re-Mi", a song she took a shine to while we were surfing random flashmobs on YouTube before bedtime.  There's a fun one from a train station in Antwerp, and both kids really liked it.  Then I showed them the original clip from The Sound of Music, then bought the track and added it to our regular iPod playlist for the car.  Eventually she and I tried to figure it out ad hoc on the piano, which didn't go so well, then we asked her piano teacher if she had the sheet music.  By sheer providence, she did!

At first we all worried it would be too tough for her to learn before recital, but she was determined.  She's only been taking lessons consistently since mid-January, and she'd never played out of straight middle C before.  The accidentals and crossovers made it a fairly ambitious piece to learn in a matter of weeks.

But the Mama-san worked hard with her, and she buckled down.  By two weeks out from the recital she had it memorized and was playing it consistently well -- actually far more confidently than you'll hear here.  For some reason it got really rocky the last week, and the practice sessions just before the recital were particularly rough.  I was worried.  But she slowed it way down  -- arguably the last thing we expected -- and played it clean.  Phew!  And that curtsy -- enough to make a Daddy melt.

I don't think I took a breath for the entire piece.  This 2:45 took at least two years off my life.  And it's only the beginning.  Without further ado....

21 March 2012


Trinh has been writing little books for us lately, but especially for her little brother.  The latest included some sweet lines that I wanted to capture for posterity.  The pages didn't scan very well, but it's really the text I wanted to save.  Here goes...

Page 1:  it says "I Love You" in fancy curly letters.  She's been playing with those lately, too.

Page 2:  this is one of my favorites.  It says -- and note that I've fixed her misspellings here...
Watch the wind blow my hair
It will carry away a melody.

Page 3:  this page didn't scan at all, not sure why, but it says "I'll dance and twirl and spin like a cloud for you" with pictures of her spinning and heart-shaped clouds.  Awwww.

Page 4:  also a no-scan, but it's her standing on top of a globe with Tai in a dream bubble.  It says, "I love you more than anyone on the whole world."  Awwww.

Page 5:  this one did scan.  It says, "I'll dance for you like a tree's branches swaying in the wind."

Page 6:  this one says, "I love you like Romeo and Juliet."  We haven't told her the whole story yet. 

And the last page says, "You've my love bug."

VERY CUTE.  LOVE me this little girl.
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